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"If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Tubey slideshow has got to justify its $4.99 price tag in the App Store.
From our experience here at AppSmile, seldom do we come across an app that has the potential to reclaim its purchase price. How so? We’ll let’s introduce Tubey first.
CirclePix developed Tubey as a compliment to popular video hosting services like YouTube and Facebook. It allows the user to select pictures from their photo library on the iPhone or iPod Touch and turn them into a well arranged slideshow right from the palm of their hand." <more...>

iTune App Reviews
"When I was contacted by the developer about reviewing this Tubey I was innately excited. As I have said in previous reviews Social Networking app’s are where I have found some of my favorites app’s. This app is no exception it is one the best Social Networking app’s to date in the iTunes App Store in my opinion allowing you to take pictures from your library or with the camera arrange them in the order you want and add basic zoom & pan effects to the images creating a slide show type video that will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube and BlogSpot accounts." <more...>

"The app worked exactly as expected, with a surprising amount of background music to choose from and an extremely easy interface.The process is really straight forward and I didn't once run into issues. The final video goes up onto YouTube with a Tubey bumper video and then proceeds onto the user's chosen title slide. Image quality, Image Duration, music and transition effects can be chosen, making Tubey an extremely versatile slide show application for the iPhone and iPod Touch." <more...>

"Tubey is one of those apps that is laser-sharp focused on doing one thing very well, which, in this case, is allowing you to create slideshows using images taken from your iPhone. You can also add narration, background music and titles synchronized to each slide. Then, you can upload it to servers maintained by Tubey’s developers, CirclePix. There, they’ll to be turned into compressed videos and posted on YouTube, and soon, to Facebook (according to CirclePix, any way)." <more...>
"Tubey is very well put together. I like it when an application doesn’t come up short and sadly this happens far too often in the App Store. What really sold me on this application is the tremendous amounts of background choices." <more...>

Fox News
"Tubey sure can come in handy." <more...>

Love It!
"This is the coolest app! I love the simplicity of making videos to share! This is just what I need. All the hard work has already been done! In just a few minutes, my video is ready to go! I wish I had this years ago!! Thanks, Tubey!" -Brasilianmomma

Very handy and cool
"Finally - I can actually do something with the photos on my iPhone! Forget about sending picture messages - send a Tubey message instead. I can add my voice comments to my images - how freaking cool is that! Awesome app, 5 stars!" -birddogs

5 Stars!
"I bought the payed version on accident an I have no regrets!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!! BEST APP EVER!!!!" -Oompaloompa 100

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